NACMM - North Africa Cultural Mobility Map

NACMM is a project developed by CeRCCa (Barcelona), JISER (Barcelona and Tunis), Le18 (Marrakech), Atelier de l’Observatoire (Casablanca) and is funded by Anna Lindh Foundation and SouthMed CV, a programme cofunded by the European Union within the framework of the regional programme MedCulture.

NACMM is a research and info-platform about residency and mobility initiatives for artists, writers and researchers interested in travelling and developing projects from within North Africa. The aims of NACMM are: To promote an alternative understanding of the socio-cultural contexts of the region and to strengthen artistic and research collaborations between North African countries and beyond.
In a moment of widespread miscommunication, NACMM believes it is urgent to bridge the gap between different cultures, the best way to do so being knowledge sharing and mutual understanding through artistic exchange.

In order to achieve these goals the project has developed:

  • A cartography of 70 artist in residency programs operating in the Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine.
  • 45 video interviews to artists, curators, researchers and coordinators of Artist in Residency Programs in North Africa and the Levant. These interviews shape an archive of the different infrastructures that conform the contemporary art scenes of North Africa and the Levant focusing primarily on initiatives that foster artistic exchanges.
  • Information about funding​ opportunities with more than 20 organizations listed. In the context of the Arab World funding becomes a problematic issue as in most of the cases national grants for arts and culture are almost inexistent. Besides a panorama that might seem discouraging sometimes organizations and individuals are not aware of the diversity of resources available. NACMM funding section aims at giving the tools to deep into all the opportunities currently existing.
  • A database resources​ ​with 90 entries including online magazines that hone in different topics relating to North Africa, a variety of info-platforms focusing on research done in Art, Humanities and Social Sciences in the Arab world and different regional and international cultural networks.



CeRCCa, the Center for Research and Creativity Casamarles is an organization created in 2009 and based in a small village south of Barcelona (Catalonia/Spain). The organization works with a double strategy. On one hand it offers international artists and researchers a space to work and live for 2 months.
Since 2009 more than 100 artists have benefit from CeRCCa AIR developing projects on history, ecology, urban space, landscape and memory in collaboration with the local community. On the other hand CeRCCa develops collaborative curatorial and research projects with a special focus on intercultural dialogue in the Mediterranean region. Some of these projects are NACMM_North Africa Cultural Mobility Map, ‘The Art of Getting Lost’ or Platform HARAKAT. In orther to develope these projects CeRCCa has the support of Anna Lindh Foundation, South Med CV and Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya and has been selected to participate in EYE, Dawrak and Tandem Shaml programs.

Le 18

LE 18 is an independent multidisciplinary cultural space based in the medina of Marrakech, Morocco. LE 18 encompasses A.I.R programs, exhibitions and monthly encounters on a variety of artistic disciplines. The space has become a cultural point of reference in the city as its activities develop engrained in the socio-cultural territory of the city. One of LE 18 main initiatives is Kawkaw. KawKaw responds to the need of creating new spaces of dialogue and exchange between artistic initiatives of the Maghreb region through a production and research A.I.R program, an annual exhibition and a series of public talks.


JISER Reflexions Mediterrànies is an association created in 2004 in Tunis, Tunisia. The organization was registered as a cultural association in 2005 in Barcelona, Catalonia. JISER promotes artistic projects with the objective to foster artistic mobility while encouraging cultural exchange in the Euro‐Mediterranean region. One of JISER main initiatives is the Résidences de Création BCN>TNS an A.I.R exchange between Barcelona and Tunis. As part of the Euro-Mediterranean platform Trans-Cultural Dialogues in 2014 JISER initiated D’JART. Initially a festival, D’JART has evolved nowadays as a cultural association based in Algeria that develops projects combining art, public space and critical reflections on Algiers urban transformations.

Atelier de l'observatoire

L’Atelier de l’Observatoire is a non-profit association founded in 2012 in Casablanca, Morocco. L’Atelier de l’Observatoire designs, produces and disseminates projects conceived as tools to support Moroccan contemporary creation nationally, and internationally. It seeks to create the necessary conditions for projects unsuited to the current systems of artistic, academic and cultural production in the region to flourish, and to present these projects to a Moroccan and international audience, bringing together artists, researchers and the general public. To this end, the Atelier de l’Observatoire experiments with alternative approaches through educational programs, production space and guidance for emerging artists, research programs and participative art projects in the public space, in rural locations and city outskirts.


La Maison de l'image

Maison de l’Image, aka “Shutter Party - Maison de l’Image” is an independent space dedicated to visual arts (photography, video, cinema and new media). It is a cultural exchange platform and an AIR offering meetings, trainings and coworking spaces. Maison de l’Image is an open space that nurtures a new generation of visual arts professionals, presenting a display window for Tunisian creation and fostering reflection on challenging problems. Located in Tunis, a crossroads in the Mediterranean, Maison de l’Image targets a vast audience, giving tools to young artists, while also creating an international cultural dynamic that can directly benefit the city and the governorate of Tunis.

Ramallah Municipality

Ramallah Municipality is a leading local government in Palestine that ranks culture as a high priority in its strategic plans and aims to provide an innovative environment for the arts as well as for cultural, intellectual, and political life, grounded in the values of pluralism and respect for human rights.

Ramallah Municipality goals are:

  • Provide the city's organizations and individual artists and community groups with a network of cultural and social infrastructure
  • Assisting legislators in formulating the laws that aim at the preservation of tangible cultural here
  • Presenting public spaces as a main venue of cultural and social interventions and The promotion of cultural diversity and social cohesion
  • Emphasizing the necessity of securing semi-public funding for art and culture and the concept of wide and horizontal and grassroots partnerships
  • Reutilization of educational tax (from solely schools construction to also the support creativity projects)
  • Linking art and culture to income generating vocations
El Madina Arts

El Madina for Performing and Digital Arts was founded in 2000 in Alexandria, Egypt. El Madina develops cultural projects through training, production, with the aim of supporting artistic youth initiatives. EL Madina works closely with local communities to create a cohesive social environment characterized by diversity and pluralism. It’s activities range from public workshops and theatre training to new media productions and interventions in the urban fabric of Alexandria and beyond.

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